10 May 2019

Significant improvement in treatment of little Mikołaj

Mikołaj, a 4-year-old boy suffering from a serious leg problems, is already after the surgery, which was cofinanced by the FutureNet Foundation. It will help a lot in his daily life.

No fibula, shorter tibia and deformed foot without 3 fingers - this is a list of health problems that Mikołaj is struggling with. His parents sought help for their son, but in Poland the doctors didn't want to proceed any surgery, believing that this problem is too complex and the procedure is dangerous. They offered to amputate the leg of Mikołaj as the only safe solution.

With the financial help of the FutureNet Foundation, a trip and treatment in one of the local hospitals in the USA was organized. The treatment went well and Nicholas' leg was saved. We wish him all the best!

30 April 2019

Computer equipment for children

Children from the Children's Home in Kisielany have received a computer equipment from the FutureNet Foundation. We are sure that it will help in learning, and also in playing! In the modern, digital world, it’s necessary for children to have access to the highly developed tools, that's why we are glad that we could help.

2 April 2019

Successful heart surgery

Kausen from Sangla in western India is only 6 months old. Several days after her birth she fell ill with pneumonia. The girl was taken to hospital, where she was diagnosed with a heart defect - a defect in the ventricular septum. The treatment did not bring any results. Open heart surgery was the only rescue. FutureNet Foundation helped to finance the surgery, which took place last week in Mumbai. The operation was successful and the girl feels good.

28 March 2019

Amelka received a portable oxygen concentrator

5-year-old Amelka suffers from neuroendocrine lung hyperplasia syndrome. The disease causes frequent shortness of breath, so Amelka must use an oxygen concentrator. Previously she had one that she could only use at home. The FutureNet Foundation donated portable equipment to Amelka so that the girl can leave home now.

21 March 2019

Kuba takes independent steps

7 years old Kuba was born with many diseases. After several serious surgeries another diagnosis was made - dislocated hips. In January Kuba successfully underwent the second hip operation, to which funds were donated by the FutureNet Foundation. Now the boy exercises intensively and takes independent steps. See the video on our fanpage.

14 March 2019

Cooperation in Asia – Genesis Foundation

Great news! We started cooperation with another Foundation> https://www.genesis-foundation.net/ Genesis Foundation is based in India. They work with underprivileged children suffering from Congenital Heart Defects. Most of the cases are critical and need immediate intervention. They have supported 1800 plus children so far. Together we want to  save as many little hearts as possible!

7 March 2019

Victoria is becoming more independent

7-year-old Victoria was born with meningival hernia, spina bifida, partial lower limb paresis, hydrocephalus and neurogenic bladder. FutureNet Foundation covered the costs of Wiktoria's hip surgery. The girl's life has changed a lot thanks to the treatment. Victoria is becoming more and more independent. She doesn't need help from her mother in moving around anymore.

26 February 2019

Cooperation in Asia – Child’s Dream Foundation

FutureNet Foundation expands its activity to another continent! We are starting to help in Asia. We will work with Child's Dream Foundation! 👉 https://childsdream.org/. Foundation supports live-saving operations and medical interventions for infants and children, aged 0-12, from Laos and Myanmar who have been born with critical congenital birth defects.

25 February 2019

Adaś treatment brings positive effects

Adaś is less than 2 years old and has already undergone 3 serious surgeries. He suffers from a very rare genetic disorder of the eyes. His parents dream of him regaining his sight and becoming able to see the world. The only chance was given by doctors from the clinic in Boston. The FutureNet Foundation funded part of the costs of treatment in the USA. We have the latest news from the boy's parents! The results of the treatment are positive. Inspection visits have confirmed that Adaś has a sense of light. The boy reacts to glowing toys, black-and-white objects and sight therapy boards. Now he is waiting for further rehabilitation! We wish him a lot of health!